About Safety Landry
Please note that our physical store will be closed from July 19th to August 5th.

For the last 80 years, Safety Landry, a company based in Quebec, has made it it’s mission to help emergency response teams and people who work at heights with all of theirs needs, whether it be a harness, bags or tools.

We are constantly trying to improve our solutions with our research and development program, our drop test and burst test chambers, and our many years of experience.  We strive to be an innovative company, always trying to better ourselves.

Our objective:  To provide each and every worker a way to accomplish their day to day tasks in complete security, whether they are arborists, steel workers, tower climbers, fire fighters, riggers, fire fighters, etc.

Safety Landry is accredited by the CNESST.  Our wide range of knowledge and the relationship we have with our suppliers allows us to collaborate with the creation of items that are specific to certain industries (tree care, entertainment industry, emergency rescue, etc.) as well as general fall protection products (harness, life lines, anchors and connectors) that are the best solutions on the market.

In conclusion, Safety Landry does everything it can so that it’s clients can return home safely after the work day is done!

Hold on tight!

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